” News ” XX Edition International Music Academy of Cagliari 23 August / 31 August 2020


The XX Edition of the International Music Academy of Cagliari take place from 23 August to 31 August 2020. The arrival is fixed on August 22, 2019. The departure is fixed on 1 September 2020.

During the Academy selected students have the opportunity to play in the Festival “Le Notti Musicali” and in the Festival “Venti di Note. dal Mondo a Cagliari”.

The International Music Academy of Cagliari offers to its students a new 3 star Hotel. For further information, please contact: info@accademiadicagliari.com

Foto per Dimopoulos 2Discovering Cagliari.

To best greeting our guests, we are glad to introduce you to a guided tour service in the oldest part of Cagliari best known as Castello. It will be exciting going back hundreds of years, when Sardinians were not allowed to stay there after sunset, and nobles and aristocrats were used to committing crimes and being striked by passions, whose memories are still etched on the ancient walls. You will discover where they performed the death sentences and listen about the executioner’s sad fate, you will be told where the cloistered nuns spent their life and why the Monasteries were built there, You will be revealed the secret of the Brotherhood who comforted the sentenced and why they hanged few heads at the tower. Castello is one of the most iconic places to visit for both its architectural style and its views over Cagliari’s amazing ancient history.
Manager guided tour service: Leluda Dimopoulos.
For further information, please contact: info@accademiadicagliari.com

Download the Academy 2020 edition brochure



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